sábado, 18 de marzo de 2017

Cosmic Paddy Pacheco fest

When you live in a rural area where the people are hardly interested in "cultural things" and the "posh" people from the city don't ever come (shame on them: it's a 15 minutes trip only), you decide to do things on your own, sharing with the people that really want to join.

And great things begin to happen: creative themed food and drinks, fanzines, dj sessions with music you won't hear "normally", talks about Magic realism, indigenous philosophy and Panamericanism, costumes and live shows! all in one day.
Photos ahead (click to large ones) and videos at the end:


Leprechaun salad

Live show

Green drinks

Reflexiones cop out

- El mundo está lleno de grandes ideas que acabaron como el culo y pésimas ideas que cambiaron el mundo.
- No aceptes nada que venga de las élites. Será malo para los "normales" y bueno para los poderosos.
- Cada persona está luchando batallas y guerras de las que no sabes nada. Pero algunos son sus propios enemigos.

miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Tips for becoming professional

I give you, absolutely for free, these tips for becoming a successful working musician:

- Do your own songs. Throw in your personality but give them a twist of "old school": well known patterns, nice hooks and groovy riffs for example. Or just fuck it, don't tune your guitar, scream like a gorilla on meth and tear the stage down.

- To stand out of the crowd you'll need something remarkable, like: visual tricks, sex appeal, costumes, flashy clothes, weird instruments. Even playing poorly or using lo-fi stuff can get you attention. And i'm not being sarcastic...but i must warm you: people dig the real deal and respect it over all. 

- Move on: if you live in an area where there are no gigs, no public and no following, "research" where you can have 'em and move on. If you have no money, get a job, any job, and save for some time. Meanwhile, prepare your trip and move.

- For better or worse, you may have to keep a job indefinitely. Don't sweat over it, there are many part time jobs that don't pay much but leave you free time. And! many of your favourite musicians have kept dayjobs until they didn't need 'em anymore.

martes, 14 de marzo de 2017

El blues

(Respuesta a un comentario en fakebook)

"Aparte el blues era anárquico y personal: lo más normal es que los bluesmen ambulantes tocaran solos o como mucho en dúos. Las afinaciones, cada uno tenía una. 
Los ritmos: en realidad el blues es un estilo de canto y la guitarra rellena y responde a la
 voz, por lo que no encaja en ritmos regulares. Instrumentos: los más tirados de precio que hubiera. 
Los músicos ingleses (de los 60) casi todos tenían formación de "música académica" y para pasar los viejos blues (que eran canciones de solista) a tocarlas en grupo, aplicaron los estándares de afinación y ritmo académicos."