sábado, 11 de marzo de 2017

Círculos, rectas y campo a través


A veces siento que estoy en un círculo vicioso.

-pero siempre sigo, incluso cuando no hay camino.

-y claramente, el destino no parece lo más importante.

-el camino puede ser un coñazo, lleno de baches pequeños, muchos, estúpidos. Que no dejan avanzar
y rompen las ruedas.

-¿Y el paisaje? puede ser un solar, una cagada de hormigón, un país en guerra, una cueva de

-así que, no busques esperanza aquí, búscala de camino.

domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017


The one trick pony

The "luthierria" is how i call my guitar builder "skills". The only power tools i have are an old jigsaw and a drill that's almost the same old.
This guitar was begun when i cleaned up some pallet wood out of an illegal dumping site. The project changed ways (too) many times. But later, my parents got rid of an old cabinet and i used some of the poplar for the front and back covers of the guitar.
Neck costed 30 euros. New strings 3. Pickup 10 (High output). The bridge is a reclaimed metal bit. The bushings and volume pot were salvaged parts too, hardly a coin for them.
Varnished with a very thin coat and polished after.
I call it The one trick pony.

Update 1: I'm not proud of the job esthetically speaking. But, the guitar sounds really nice, even (or specially) unplugged. I think it's because the strings through the body.
I didn't use "normal" bushings 'cause i had a for free option: ball ends of broken strings.
The strings through the body and the resonating metal bar bridge, give the guitar a very nice and louder than average ringing.