sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017

The story of my dirty cheap stoner album

Listen to it here:

In 2012 i was quite dissapointed, upset and bored with my garage rock band and "disbanded" it.
Then, i isolated for some months to record an album with different sound and ideas. I was listening a lot to Electric Wizard and Sleep those days and i wanted to break with my "typical" blues-garage-rock sound and make something more filthy.
It was a funky-junky bussines, with lotta setbacks and hundred hours of work (specially during production, mixing and mastering).

Due to some non-standard features of my home-studio (gathered from what i already owned, all cheapo gear), i had to remaster the album several times. And even that way, the songs couldn't be listened in many players. A fucking nightmare.
When finally released, it got me some attention from "niche" websites, but the really great thing about that album was i got to learn a ton of things related to music production and promotion, effects, tunings, playing drums, and even artwork! (the photos were shot by artist Patrick Van Riessen).

The album has "its moments": some parts that still amazes me, but i don't think is a great album overall. Anyway, i always recall its moment and circumstances with satisfaction.