sábado, 30 de julio de 2016

Why i became a musician?

- When i was a teen, i went mental for rock bands. The power of the sound, the awesome hooks and arrangements. The rebellion against the adult world that is always crappy, boring and will screw you up.
- Even if it was unlikely and hard, it was all i need: i died for learning to play and compose songs after my favourite bands.

What i have found as a grown up man and working musician? I'll mention only "anecdotes" of the last month:

- Other musician asked me to play together, he booked the show but then backed down. I played the show on my own.

- Same musician, different place offered us a gig. I told the guy, he never responded. Gig lost.

- Yet again the same dude. After failing to two gigs, the guy greeted me for playing on my own. I told him that if he liked it, he could book me as opening act for his band's next gigs. They had two shows in the following days, but the guy "forgot" to tell me.

- I was preparing a little tour away from home. I asked a bar owner i know in another town. He put shows up currently. The guy told me they aren't doing shows. I knew the previous show was 10 days before. The guy blamed the regional government, said they didn't allow him to have shows. I know that's responsability of the local council, i told him and then, the guy shut up
- Another bar away from home. Previous gig was the week before. The bar owner ignored three of my messages. He answered finally saying he "had problems with the permits (remember: the previous gig was the week before) and that "his cellular was working badly" but "he is always looking for bands anyway"...still no date for my gig.

- Another gig. The venue has PA system. Unfortunately, it broke down days before my gig...but don't you worry, it "came back to life" just after my gig.

- Only in the last month, i have probably sent two dozen messages to venues and bars. Only got two answers. Nice detail from them.

In case you wanna judge my music, all playlists recorded this year:



jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

La burbuja de festivales en España

Gran artículo...dan ganas de grapárselo a algunos en la frente. A esos que hablan sin saber, ignorantes atrevidos y que defienden las ideas y conductas explotadoras.
He tenido la desgracia de tocar con varios de esos.