jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

Hands I Annul Yours - "Year of Death" cassette


I'll try some "automatic-gonzo-kerouacious" writing for this review: Hands I Annul Yours-"Year of Death" cassette. Soon all over the world.
The band has existed for some years now. They released the "Asking for Death/Grind Humanity" cassette in 2012 and they're coming again with this "Year of Death", pretty accurate for these times.

It's doom metal that drags you down and around. It possess a free rock aspect that make the listening easier. Yea i know it sounds like a contradiction, but trust me: i'm a music geek. 
The sound has too a bit of "cassette warm compression" that really falls into place.
Then you find some industrial noise samples that build in your mind a weird image of abandoned factories and crazy guys playing the "Mad Max rocanrol". With obliterated bass and a drum set heavily abused.
Drone sounds finish the A side and don't wait for hidden tracks.

The B side begins and the image turns into witchcraft, occultism...like a 70's horror movie soundtrack, check Alucarda or Witchfinder General for instances.
It leads to a part where your dreams get crushed by kush weed like nightmares in the middle in the night.

More samples (Arab ones this time) come into, creating a new soundscape where the fuzz bass plays an awesome rumble prior to a great "Riff de la muerte".
It begins a new part, a neat composition that could be a love child of Electric Wizard and the Cro-Mags. The song goes on and a tremolo begins to drone under ghostly black metal chants.
Two powerful riffs kill you. They are exact and heavy. And a second bass leaves the listener tripping balls. An organ melody coming from the past closes it.
A hole in the continous space-time-spectator-artist appears and you listen to someone playing a cassette that reproduce a speech sailing over a lake of fuzz.
An ambient loop pulls you up from those drowning waters using a hook of bass glissandos, drums and samples. Some reverse voice guy tells you the dawn is here.

You can purchase this wonder here:

miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016

Consejos para los jóvenes

- Se mediocre y no intentes mejorar
- Se conformista, un buen borrego en el rebaño.
- Vive de forma anodina.
- No crees nada, te lo robarán.
- Copia, copia, copia.
- Di exactamente lo que quieren oir.
- Repite los tópicos. Repite los tópicos.
- Cree todo lo que digan en la tele, tus padres, profesores,
familia, "amigos" o cualquiera que pase por la calle.