lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

Esto no es una entrevista

"No new "musicians", playing on my own. I prefer it right now.
It would be great to have a "partner in crime" but it's almost impossible.
 I wrote a song three or four years ago that says "Five words rust my mind
and free me at once: what i look for doesn't exist nor will be".
And that's what i still feel these days. You know i have tried hard
and pulled all the rabbits out of the hat, i'm pretty resigned now.
But it still piss me off big time.
I have now some good knowledge of the whole scene;
i know i'm an outcast and it's of no use trying to play the "stablished" venues.
It will only come if i raise some following. It's a complex thing.
Most bands these days have the consumerism built-in. Of course they think they are doin' art,
but only in the terms the "market" allow them. And the market has nothing to do with art,
balance, freedom, merits, etc. Almost every musician i know plays a kind of "suitable" music,
popular genres completely assumed by the dominant opinion and with all the harsh removed.
I'm more for playing bizarre and free music than for raising a following. It's what really
really keep me doing this. Maybe it could attract some geeks in the end,
i don't know."