jueves, 11 de junio de 2015

Una y otra vez

Un amigo guiri me preguntó qué tal iba el grupo...y se lo expliqué:
"Yea, these are my principles. If you don't like them, i have got others.
It's not matter of principles, i have always been adaptable. What happens it's like a curse: anytime i begin playing with someone,
i run fast and try putting things up before it crumbles. But i seldom make it.

Do you know what happens with the last one? it all went wrong when i presented him the demo finished.

And it wasn't a surprise at all: he knew we were recording. We even did second takes. I showed him the results while recording and
when we ended. I sent him the first 3 tracks before anyone else, asking for his opinion.

With the third track, i asked if he minded i showed them out...not a single response. Then i made the first promo, made a youtube
sent a mailing, even sold the first cd. Asked the guy again, "what do you think of it?" And only then, they guy told me that
"it was weird"
 and that "he didn't know that i was going to show the tracks out"
...what am i supposed to reply to that????

But i still didn't lose it there. I just gulp it and went on telling him my plan for making gigs this summer.
I spent more than a week preparing and improving my ideas to present'em in the best form...the guy only responded that
"we were going to be a pain in the ass"...Still i didn't lose it. I said something like "ok, whatever, i keep on playing and i'll
let you know if something different comes up".
One or two days later, i saw the chance to play in a festival that would be hosted the next month. I shared it to the guy,
saying that i'd like to play and explaining him all the details i knew about it...i never got a response...
as you can see, my principles are wider than a cow's cunt. "

Por bizarro que parezca, cosas así son el pan nuestro de cada día para los que queremos tocar.
Aquí la demo: