lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

Dios nos libre de los poetas

El nombre de mi carpeta de poemas, letras, textos encontrados y borradores es "Mierdas". Llevo años almacenando esas mierdas. La mayoría han servido como canciones. Desde hace un tiempo también guardo textos encontrados que me han gustao, están cargaos de algo. Mierdas por mierda es vida!

Zizek Societyhk Speaking again from personal experience, very few consumers would actually consider pop music 'art', they know it is vulgar from the outset. In fact, most people enjoy lamenting how bad the music is. I think the entire discourse of karaoke music is more about the physical setting of the place than the music itself, just like the theatre is the necessary condition of the literary genre of play. In Asia, especially in the urban area, Tokyo for example, there is very little privacy, so people go these 'karaoke room' (usually a confined room of 100 squared meters or so, with very little light, lots of alcohol, lots of women if you pay for it of you can bring your own...) most people do not even sing, the music is really only there as a supplement in the background to conceal the lack of connection between people.
it is slightly better than going to prostitution because you know... sex is boring in itself, you need some virtual supplement, like stupid music with unrealisticly romantic theme.
If my use of the word 'art' here really causes that much confusion, put it this way: most people do not consider karaoke as something that would have any sort of cultural authority (again, just personal observation). It certainly has the kind of ideological function akin to all other forms of art.

No tengo cultura
ni raices 
mis raices y
mi cultura
soy yo
aunque la culpa 
no sea mía
aunque el programa
viniera instalado
a fuego en mi cerebro

fuego al programa

Entrevista a OM:
So what happened? How did we get this point where music lost its spirit, so to speak?

A: That’s pretty easy. The answer is that we made capitalism our religion. So when you listen to music, it’s an entirely different inherent value system. We’re perpetually forgetting the difference between art and entertainment. At the turn of the century, a lot of people were moved towards music as a gospel form. And you can still see that if you watch amazing hip-hop drummers — it’s probably because they were often trained as gospel drummers, and that style is super-complex and subtle and very developed. It’s not lost, but it’s consciously forgotten.

De Death to the world, acerca de un monje ortodoxo ruso que había sido delincuente juvenil:
"Nestor looked at icons and images of Christ in a unique way. He didn't see wood and paint, but rather his heart was transformed and he felt the eternal Kingdom of God within himself. To understand the image (icon) of Christ is to understand the incarnation of God."

De Wikipedia, parte de la biografía de Hank Williams tres palos:
"On June 23, 2011, it was revealed through Williams' personal Facebook that he would be releasing four new CDs on September 6, 2011. It said to expect country, doom-rock, speed metal with cattle callin' on the releases. Entitled Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town (a 2 disc country record), 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin' (a metal record in the newly anointed cattle core genre) and Attention Deficit Domination (a doom-rock record), these new albums will be released on Williams's own record label Hank3 Records through Megaforce Records, and feature guest appearances by Tom Waits, Les Claypool (Primus), Alan King (Hellstomper), Ray Lawrence Jr., Troy Medlin (Sourvein), Dave Sherman (Earthride) and Williams' dog, Trooper."

Escribiendo a un amigo sobre lo difícil que está el puterío:
The best part of the blog is that: i get my shit recorded. 
I have a new idea, in short: most bands fail due to the little commitment of the musicians. Most musicians these days meet by internet, since is easy and open to most people: it's a new mainstream channel. And real music is not mainstream in every meaning of the word. So if there are still some true musicians out there, it's rare to find them online. Because there are loads of fuckers and because true musicians may be playing better than bitching online. The "musicians" that can be found online aren't real musicians. They are lazy cunts that don't give a shit about getting out and play. 

De La senda del perdedor, de Bukowski:
"Me gustaba la señorita Ackermann. Lancé una furtiva mirada sobre ella. Su cara era redonda, no era muy bonita pero llevaba su gorrito de enfermera de forma coqueta y tenía unos grandes ojos marrón oscuro. Eran sus ojos. Mientras apelotonaba unas gasas para tirarlas al cubo, observé cómo andaba. Bueno, no era la señorita Gredis, y yo había visto muchas otras mujeres con mejor tipo, pero había algo cálido en torno a ella. No estaba pensando todo el rato en comportarse como una mujer."

Aquel tio tenía el record
de buceo en heroina

hacia el futuro
en una nube leeeentaaaa 

viaja siempre a la 
velocidad del caracol

la salida 
y volvió
escupido desde sus
propias tripas.