jueves, 23 de febrero de 2017

Grandpa cebolleta

Recuerdo cuando en los 90 el gran problema era enterarse dónde eran los conciertos o conocer a otros músicos porque "había que estar" para hacer contactos. Ahora te meten promociones hasta por el orto y a nadie le interesan un pito.
Bichos promocionales, a todos les gustan:

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

You enrich others but hardly earn enough

You play for others (and enrich others too).
I won't mention the total sums, only percentages, but i'll
say that a musician earning the average sum per gig, needs at least 6 gigs monthly to pay bills. And that's pretty unlikely
here in southern Spain. Tour costs:
- Gas and meal expenses: 10% of your gig earnings (more
if you play further or more days on a row: add and
additional 10% costs for every 100 kms. driven).
- Hostel: 30% - 40% of your earnings per gig (in case you
haven't a place to crash in. That happens to me half of the
You sweat, drive, load in and out, practice for months before
the shows, learn for years, expend good sums on buying and repair gear, do booking, do promotion and of course!
Maybe just to enrich and fatten others up...