jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

The equation of being a working musician

There's a big gap between playing occasionally as a hobby and try to be an entertainer,
even an amateur one. The later is a job and it needs constant time and effort.
If the entertainer don't get gigs, money or good experiences in return, nobody would
keep on practicing and exerting so hard. 

Fact: There are periods of being down, with zero motivation, not even for playing or writing.
I have gone through them all for years. Learn to deal with that is necessary.

Con:  It's hard when your work depend on people that don't give a shit.

Pro: I sure can do things better, but i'm not getting mad about excellence.

Con: Motivation and patience tends to run out.

Idea: Joining forces with other musicians can be good and productive.

Con: Finding like minded ones have revealed utopic. It's way hard to deal with others that aren't ready for not sleeping, carrying heavy loads, don't eat much and general lunacy.